February 23, 2024

Super Bowl ‘rigged’ controversy: Joe Biden, Taylor Swift and more | BetaVersa

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The Kansas City Chiefs have won their third Super Bowl in five years. They secured two consecutive titles after beating the San Francisco 49ers in overtime in Las Vegas. However, some NFL fans doubt the fairness of their win and flood the social media with conspiracy theories of it being rigged.

Martin Walsh, known for conspiracy theories, earlier claimed that Biden’s team might seek support from famous people like Taylor Swift to help his campaign seem new. A far-fetched idea on the right-wing conspiracy theory says Swift is a “Pentagon asset” who is secretly working with the Pentagon to help Joe Biden win in 2024 through a planned public show of support.

Back in January, Republican Vivek Ramaswamy posted a sarcastic tweet hinting at a big presidential endorsement linked to an “artificially culturally propped-up couple” couple. He also mocked rumours about the Super Bowl outcomes.

The rumours that Taylor Swift backed Joe Biden and that the Chiefs’ victory was rigged fell apart due to lack of real proof. Biden himself added to the controversy by posting a tweet after the Chiefs won their game in extra time.

However, the skepticism isn’t just about Taylor Swift.

Shortly after the Chiefs won, ESPN’s Adam Schefter mentioned what CBS Sports’ Sean McManus had stated earlier: “The NFL has alerted us that, for the first time ever, we will have a double overtime game (in the Super Bowl).” It seems McManus was likely making a joke about the Super Bowl being fixed because Swift was there, despite the rumours.

Super Bowl ‘rigged’ theories

National Football League (NFL) fans, however, continue to post their conspiracy theories on social media. Have a look.

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