February 24, 2024

Letters to The Editor — February 13, 2024 | BetaVersa

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Farm issue

Scriptures say that as god shuts one door he opens another. On magnanimity that is similar, even as the government fortifies the Delhi borders for the farmers’ march, its Agriculture Minister has gone on record to say that the government is keeping its mind open on talks with them. If this time around the barricades on the borders are seen to be far deeper and more intimidating than those during the earlier agitation, it is only fair to hope that the government is willing to keep its mind open far wider than before. But then why at all the barricades, if the government is confident of its persuasive powers and its avowed concerns for the farmer?

R. Narayanan,

Navi Mumbai

The farmers’ demand for guaranteed minimum support prices has remained unaddressed for long. The talks have failed again and it is strange that the government which acts in many ways, with surprise moves — as seen in recent times with the election in mind — has not come forward to accept their legitimate demands. The backbone of the economy in this country is agriculture and the ruling party is very likely to lose a chunk of votes from this distressed community if its demands are not met.

N. Visveswaran,


Heaping blame

Even after a decade in power, it is unfortunate that the Prime Minister and others in his government still blame the Congress for deficiencies in governance. The charge this time is that the “Cong. [is] dividing people on lines of caste, religion: PM” (Inside pages, February 12). This should be read in reverse. It is actually the NDA government led by the BJP that is engineering a divisive policy on caste and religious lines. This is very clear from the line in Parliament that the temple consecration in Ayodhya could usher a new era that would make generations proud. How will this event solve people’s problems? How convenient it is to ignore the burning ethnic issue in Manipur, inflation and unemployment! If the government has made a record increase in MSP for farm produce, then why are farmers on a rally fired up on this issue? The Opposition is not strong enough to point out the deficiencies in the BJP’s policies. People should analyse these before voting.

D. Sethuraman,


Title regained

The Australian U-19 cricket team’s win demonstrates its dominance in ICC competitions. But our boys did play well and their poise and maturity versus South Africa in the semifinal were a “show stopper” (‘Sport’ February 12).

K. Akash,


NEET registration

I am a class 12 student and as a NEET aspirant, I am part of many ‘NEET groups’ on WhatsApp. Recently, we came across a weblink (https://neet.ntaonline.in/frontend/web/registration/index) which directs you to register for NEET. There is a document attached which does not list any country outside India as a centre for NEET, which makes many parents believe that an aspirant has to travel to India for the NEET examination on May 5, 2024. No candidate has been able to register on this site, causing much panic and stress. Is it a fake site?

Om Shetty,


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